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Brown houndstooth jacket, white shirt and off white cotton trousers


This colour palette is something I really love for the warmer months ahead. I’ve always enjoyed working with natural tones in the brown/beige spectrum as they aren’t worn much in more formal occasions. I don’t think guys should be scared of wearing these colours as they’re a really nice way to differentiate yourself without having to wear a bright coloured jacket or a loud pattern. 

For the trousers, I’ve gone with one of my favourite off white cotton trousers. I love these for the fact that they’re really versatile. They can be worn with a myriad of colours of jackets or shoes and can be dressed up (like I’ve done here) or down with a t-shirt and sneakers. Just stay clear of any puddles otherwise you’ll find yourself regularly visiting the dry cleaners…

To keep in line with my tonal look, I’ve gone with a brown houndstooth jacket from Loro Piana’s ‘Pecora Nera’ collection. This creates a look that feels really warm and isn’t too jarring on the eye. To make this a little more friendly for summer, I’ve taken out the lining and structure to make this mid-weight fabric a touch lighter, which also gives it a really natural flow and drape. 

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