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The Spring Racing Carnival is almost upon us - which means it’s time to rid yourself of that suit you plan on wearing “just one last time”, and get something new made for you. From the first fitting, to walking out with your garments, our process takes approximately 6 weeks. Whether you have a specific suit in mind or require guidance from our fitters, we are here to craft the right look for you and make the process as simple as can be.

To help you get started this year, we have put together a comprehensive guide of the dress codes for each of the key days. The truth is, these are only guidelines and whilst they are important to know, we encourage you to interpret them in ways to suit your personal style.

DERBY DAY - 2nd November

Derby Day is the most conservative and traditional of the carnival - attendees dress in monochrome black, white and grey. Within these bounds, there are many ways to dress uniquely. Lighter suits are ideal for the time of year, with a double-breasted or a 3-piece a great way to stand out. This light grey wool 2-piece suit is ideal for the day. Simple and refined, a perfect colour for spring. Try playing with combinations in your tie, pocket square and shirt in the blue colour palette, to match with the blue cornflower of the day.

For a darker look, try this charcoal wool 3-piece suit with notch lapels and a double-breasted waistcoat. Dress this look with black and white colour combinations in your tie and pocket square to couple well with the colours of the day.

MELBOURNE CUP - 5th November

Melbourne Cup is a day to dress a little more lavishly and with colour. Being the most significant racing event of the Southern Hemisphere, it is essential that you dress well. It’s spring, so incorporate lighter tonal variants of navy, beige, and charcoal, and use soft texturing to add character to your look. This slate blue wool 2-piece suit with peak lapels is perfect for the day - the colour palette contrasts well with a yellow rose and its texture brings distinction to your look. The advantage of this suit is that it allows for creative choices to be made in the shirting, hat and shoe department. Accessorising is always welcomed for Melbourne Cup Day - just don’t overdo it.

This charcoal corduroy cotton 2-piece suit with peak lapels and patch pockets is a standout for Melbourne Cup Day. It pairs exceptionally well with the yellow rose of the day and is a skilful way of incorporating this unique fabric into your outfit.

OAKS - 7th November

The tradition of Oaks Day is beauty, femininity, style and grace. Being the third day of the calendar, this is a chance to dress more casually. It’s a chance to wear a suit with a bold pattern or contrast your jacket with your trousers. You may find wearing a linen, cotton or even a velvet suit to be an excellent way of distinguishing yourself from the crowd. The official flower is a pink rose, so find a way to weave this colour into your outfit. This brown and beige check wool jacket is a bold addition to your wardrobe. Unstructured and lightweight, it will keep you cool whilst cheering your 10/1 underdog over the line. Finish the outfit with chocolate brown cotton trousers and a pair of brown loafers. We like to call this going ‘full tonal’.

This beige linen 2-piece suit with peak lapels and jetted pockets is another great addition to your Spring Racing ensemble. Perfect to combine with the pink colour palette of the day. Try pairing with a wooden cane, or even contrasting your trousers to add definition to the look.

STAKES - 9th November

Known for it’s fun and friendly atmosphere, Stakes Day is a celebration of the week that has been and a chance to let your hair down. This is certainly expressed in the fashion of the day. Be experimental in your choices - sneakers with a suit, a knitted tie or maybe even a collarless shirt. Contrast your trousers and wear an unstructured jacket that stands out amongst the pack. This slate blue cotton jacket with 3 patch pockets is a tasteful choice for the relaxed atmosphere of the day. A red rose, the official flower of the day, contrasts well with the off white denim trousers and collarless, denim blue shirt paired here.

To truly characterise the informal attitude of Stakes day, try this mid-brown brushed cotton suit with 3 patch pockets. Cotton and linen suits are a great way to dress down in the hot weather. They are light and breathable, yet still characterise sophistication. This earthy colour palette contrasts excellently with the red rose of the day, bringing bright colour to your mild tones. Try pairing with a pale blue shirt, and a pair of white leather sneakers.

As we said, the pairings shown above are merely a guide. We have an extensive range of wools, linens, cottons and blends in a variety of colours and patterns for you to select. Speak to our team of fitters about crafting the perfect look for you before it's too late.

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