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Fernando Kularatne

Before Oscar Hunt, I was apprenticing to be a tattoo artist. Suits and tattoos actually have a lot of common. They both reveal a lot about someone’s character in terms of the detail and integrity of the product and they both should be designed to complement a person's natural shape and flow with the movement of their body.

I haven't worn a belt in 10 years - I've always worn suspenders. That’s partly because I like that 1920s vintage look, but it’s also because I am quite a little guy, so I need as much vertical assistance as I can get. The upward lines of the suspenders lift the eyes to give the illusion of extra height, whereas a belt literally cuts you in half.

This is a double-take suit - it hides in plain sight. It might go under the radar at first glance, but once someone clocks it they'll notice the little nuances. It's one of my most complimented on suits. I like how it’s a little bit out there, but it’s not obnoxious. It's got subtle character with the brown having that touch of gold running through it, while the texture gives it added depth.

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