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What’s the process?

A made-to-measure suit purchase is a far cry from off-the-rack shopping. No sifting through endless hangers looking for your size. No extra leg work getting to a tailor for alterations.

Instead, the Oscar Hunt process begins with a consultation with one of our expert fitters. Together you’ll select your style, fabric and have your measurements taken.

Roughly five weeks after this appointment, we’ll invite you back into the showroom to try on your suit and make note of any final adjustments. These are made by our in-house tailor within the week and you’ll then be able to walk away in a perfectly fitted suit, unique to you.

What’s the investment?

We operate on a fully transparent pricing structure where the cost of the fabric chosen dictates the price of your final garment. Your fitter will align with you on this in your initial consultation.

Our made-to-measure suits start at $999 while our separate jackets start from $649, our trousers from $349 and our shirts from $199.

What are the benefits?

The clue is in the name. Made-to-measure suiting is built to your exact specifications which means it’ll flatter your frame and also be more comfortable than something mass produced. In addition, because our garments are built to size, they will also last longer as you won’t be putting undue strain on certain parts of the fabric, thereby ensuring an even wear.

In addition to this, there’s also the sheer fun of being able to create an outfit to your personal taste and sense of style.

To discover more about the Oscar Hunt process book a fitting today.

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