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Day 1 - Brown on brown

I'm a brown fiend if you didn't know. Here I'm wearing a chocolate brown merino wool shirt with a mid brown gabardine cotton jacket. It's less conventional than navy and clean-cut with a non-corporate vibe and down-to-earthy-tones.

Day 3 - Charcoal corduroy

I think everyone should have a corduroy jacket - period. Corduroy and tailoring is a great juxtaposition. Worn here with a relaxed t-shirt and matching facemask to replace a pocket square.

Day 4 - Grey fresco

Here I'm wearing a very business style jacket with a less business style shirt. There's always something subtle that you can tweak to make your look more appropriate. This shirt is a cashmere blend with a Mandarin collar. This takes away any seriousness (that I've always lacked).

Day 5 - Denim shirt

A soft denim shirt is another essential in the wardrobe. You can wear it with almost any jacket. Denim has its own connotations for different people, though I think it's effective when worn with something sleek. Hiding behind a mug is another essential for all Zoom calls.

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