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‘The black sheep of the family’ - a term used to describe the odd, unwelcome member of a group. 

This saying was born from the wool of the sheep we are speaking about right now. Black, once the dominant colour of sheep bred in the past, quickly became less prominent once farmers discovered the endless varieties of colour that white wool could be dyed into. To this day, the wool of these seemingly ‘less desirable’ animals is often not used.

Loro Piana alongside a visionary New Zealand breeder, however, have entered into a partnership which recognizes the value of this superb fibre and aim to restore the dignity and importance of the black Merino sheep. The result is Pecora Nera - an ultra-soft, comfortable, durable and luxurious cloth ideal for wear throughout the year. The fabric in this bunch does not require any dye, instead embracing the warm, natural tones offered by the black merino wool. With fabrics ranging from 250 gram suiting and jacketing to 720 gram overcoating, this collection really does have it all.

The team at Oscar Hunt has curated a selection of our favourite fabrics within the collection.


This beautiful brown houndstooth styled here with 3 patch pockets is the ultimate casual sports jacket. Pair it with trousers in tones of dark grey, brown and beige, or get out your favourite pair of denim. At 370 grams, this also makes a great overcoat for the cooler months.



One of the lighter colours from the fabric bunch, this beige twill should not be overlooked. Styled with 2 patch pockets, this jacket is versatile enough for any smart casual occasion. The beauty here is that almost any shade of darker trousers will work well with this piece - think shades of brown, navy and charcoal.



A subtle brown twill, weighing in at 370 grams and styled here in a double-breasted design - this is a perfect weight for the Australian climate. Heavy enough to be worn on its own but also light enough to wear over a suit - this will keep you warm from Autumn through to Spring.



This brown on brown check comes from the suiting collection and sits at a comfortable 290 grams, making it a great transeasonal weight. Styled here with jetted pockets and half lined, this can work as either a 2 piece suit or a sports jacket dressed down with a pair of brown or beige cotton trousers.


Pricing for this collection starts at $1,750 for a jacket and $2,050 for an overcoat. To view more, book a fitting with our team of experienced fitters today.

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