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Medium skin

If you have an olive based skin - think the likes of George Clooney - there’s no going past navy.

A warmer option than grey or black, it picks up the undertones in your complexion and thereby compliments your colouring.

Similarly, in the warmer months there’s scope to play with taupes and creams as these will also pick up the olive in your skin. Consider the cloth in this instance too as slightly looser weaves such as linen will also assist in generating a slightly warmer feel.

Lighter skin

For the fair amongst us, navys and browns are the way to go. These will contrast against your skin and also bring out any warm tones. When thinking about what shirt to pair with, it may also be helpful to steer towards pale blues or subtle patterns as these will help avoid any ‘flatness’ in your look caused by lack of contrast with the likes of a plain white shirt

In terms of what to avoid, anything that’s too close or, conversely, too stark against your skin. For the majority of people this will mean steering clear of black or beige/white suiting.

Not sure which category you fall into?

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