Our Sacred Waters - Square

Our Sacred Waters

About the artwork

In our culture water is life. Our waters are sacred spaces that take many forms from calming, cooling, cleansing to raging, deep dark and dangerous. Our waters are powerful like our people. From coastal to central desert, water brings life and connects people. Our waters never take straight-lines, they wind their way through our lands filling and careful sweeping along sandstone banks - but these waters can break barriers through pure force and determination. Our sacred waters bring life and shape the world. The Non-Conformist

Persona - The Non-conformist

Unconventional by nature and willing to go against the grain.

If this is who you are, we warmly invite you to book in a time below.

Please enquire for pricing*This suit is part of a strictly limited collection. Pricing is inclusive of the pictured lining, pocket square and 2 piece suit. Please note the actual lining on the suit will vary from the image shown.A portion of funds from the sale of the collection go towards supporting and developing the artist and emerging talent.

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About Oscar Hunt

At Oscar Hunt, we believe in two things - creating clothing of distinct character and putting passion in everything that we do. We work to foster a tailoring experience that’s an accessible luxury (far removed from the fussy process you’re probably imagining). Here, we keep things simple, elegant and a good time, focusing on achieving a design and look that suits you. More than this, we’re experts in our field, passionate about the smallest of details to ensure that nothing is overlooked or left to chance. We speak plainly, and can act as a tour guide when it comes to explaining the ins and outs of made-to-measure suiting. Above all, we work to help gentlemen express their character through the clothes that they wear and the way they present themselves to the world. Oscar Hunt is the suit maker of choice for men of character.

Our locations

Our showrooms, found in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, are a combination of classic and contemporary design. They are a refuge from the bustling city atmosphere, where you can take time out of your busy life to curate your wardrobe. We are also open for drop-ins and offer a range of accessories to complement your attire.

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