Style guide for Spring Racing 2017

12 July 2017

Style guide for Spring Racing 2017

While spring might elude us for another few months, horse trainers are braving winter mornings to ready their steeds for Australia’s largest sporting occasion. Start planning early; now is the optimum time to arrange your Spring Racing outfit.

A social occasion like horse racing calls for splendour. When selecting Spring Racing Carnival fashion opt for a tailored look. Men's Spring Racing clothes needn't be eclipsed by the ladies—we gentlemen also have an opportunity to shine. Think smart two-button jackets, sharp double-breasted suits and a selection of gentlemanly accoutrements to display your style. A jacket and tie is required at the Carnival, so you might as well dress with panache.

Each race day has its own dress code, so it's best to consult the racing club to ensure you look the part. Whether Caulfield, Randwick or Flemington, each meet differs from the overall sartorial expectation down to the boutonnière. If attending with a partner, consider the dress code and how it affects you both to then dress accordingly. While matching outfits are a little much, cohesion with your other half makes for a stronger statement. If attending solo you can still explore the finer points of the dress code. A good starting place is each race meet’s nominated flower. A yellow or pink rose in your lapel should influence your process, likewise a cornflower or an Australian native.

Choose colour without the gimmick: the only room for novelty is the horses’ names. Spring affords lighter colours and a more adventurous use of the spectrum, so don’t be afraid to have a little fun. Explore on the track suiting and accessories from which you'd steer clear in the office. Lightweight cloths, such as linen come in a range of hues and keep you cool in the sun on race days. Best of all you can mix and match linen suits with separates for other events needing relaxed formality.

Cotton suiting is a modern take on racing attire and can look sharp when dressed with traditional accessories. Braces add some old-world charm to a contemporary suit and anchor its style. Look to other accessories to finish your look: think pocket squares, hats and other dandy items that evoke curious style. A well-tied tie and high-polished shoes can be a talking point, a straw boater stops them in their tracks. Make your Carnival a winner. Ask your tailor to outfit you like a true thoroughbred.

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