A guide to made-to-measure shirting

07 June 2017

"For gentlemen searching for a quality shirt with longevity and superior fit, made-to-measure is the only answer."

The meteoric rise of tailored suiting has illuminated yet another path to great style: the made-to-measure shirt. Like made-to-measure suiting, the shirting process is just as precise with equally impressive results. It’s the preferred alternative to choosing from poorly designed mass market shirts crafted from standardised patterns. In short, you receive something crafted for you with a superlative fit, something every man desires.

The process

The made-to-measure process is one of collaboration between you and the fitter. Your fitter will take a series of measurements to determine everything from your wingspan to your chest size to the width of your neck. He may take upwards of 20 different measurements to ensure unquestionable accuracy. It's all in a day's work for the fitter creating your perfect shirt.

You’ll work together to customise every aspect of your shirt. Starting with fabric, you will select from a wide selection of quality options. After you land on fabrication, you’ll hone in on the details, individualising everything from the buttons and placket to the collar. Your measurements are used to cut the shirt pieces to size then sewn together to create the final shirt. Once complete, you’ll visit your fitter once more to try it on and assess the fit. If you’re satisfied, you can walk out with your shirt that day. If any alterations are needed, they’ll be enacted to ensure you have the perfect fit.

Length of process & cost

On average, the made-to-measure shirting process can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks. Though it might seem lengthy, it’s important to remember this shirt will last for years to come. Quality takes time, and it’s more than worth the wait. Ultimately, the final cost of your shirt will depend heavily on the fabric you choose; our made-to-measure shirts start at $189.


Generally speaking, the shirt should be perfect. Your fitter will guide you toward the best fit for your body and personal style, though it’s still important to know the basics. When your shirt fit is just right, the placket rests comfortably on your torso with no pulling or fabric bunching. Your collar allows free movement, but with a firm fit. Your shoulder hem and sleeve lay flat and your shirt sleeve sits on the wrist.

For gentlemen searching for a quality shirt with longevity and superior fit, made-to-measure is the only answer. Please make an appointment with your fitter to make a statement with tailor made.

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