A suit for all seasons

11 February 2016

A suit for all seasons

If you're looking for that one suit in your wardrobe that you can rely on, then no matter the season it should weather them all - and getting an all-year-round suit is a simple task that requires only some consideration.  

First you should think about the weight of the fabric, which will regulate your temperature when wearing it. Knowing that you could need it at any given moment, it’s best to choose a mid-weight cloth that can breathe in warmer months and insulate you when it’s cold. Wool is the best all-round suiting fabric, and wool blends such as with mohair, cashmere or silk improve the quality of the fabric and its insulation and breathability. Shelling out the little extra for a better quality fabric will pay dividends in the long run, meaning it will have a better sheen and finish, and greater quality also means that it will last longer.

On fabric, you could opt for something with a slight texture or a subtle pattern. This will pick up the light and will look different every time you wear it depending on the colour of the shirt and tie. Black is a safe choice, but navy, charcoal, and grey make for great wardrobe staples.

"As for versatility, think of a cut that’ll last at least the next couple of years."

Double breasted comes and goes out fashion, but a single-breasted suit is a mainstay of tailoring. Two or three buttons are contemporary and sensible choices, any more or any less is a risk you might avoid. It’s best to stick with a classic that complements your frame and allows for any fluctuations in weight (it happens to the best of us) and you’ll always look the business.

Finally, you should consider a tailor-made suit that you can dress up or down, depending on the occasion. Use accessories such as cufflinks, shirts and ties to give colour and intrigue to your suit. Consider how it looks with an unbuttoned collar under it, or how it looks with a simple V-neck knit. These are simple suggestions to help you pull together different looks so your suit looks like it’s brand new every time.