A tribute to the pinstripe suit

08 October 2015

A tribute to the pinstripe suit

Often thought to be the pinnacle of corporate menswear, the pinstripe suit manages to relate to more than just big business circles. It offers the possibility of going straight from work to a smoky cocktail bar in the middle of winter, or from a summer’s day lounging with friends to a formal dinner party. Its parallel lines boast unparalleled versatility, and continue to set the bar for the future of fashion.

When it comes to origin, there’s no definitive answer for where the pinstripe suit started. The most popular theory suggests it evolved from the striped jackets worn by boaters in the 1890s, to a banker’s uniform in the 1920s, and then to the choice apparel of Hollywood stars from there on after.

Its history may be murky, but one thing is for sure – pinstripes have long been considered a bold expression of confidence – a staple item preferred by charismatic men of good taste.

We could go on and on about our love for pinstripe suits... so we will.

This is an ode to the wardrobe essential that’s seen us through some of the best times of our lives.


A tribute to the pinstripe suit.

It makes you stand out.

Reflecting a stylish, charismatic and multi-dimensional image, it gives you a presence and subtle confidence that differentiates you from your counterparts.

You can wear it in and out of the office.

A blurring of boundaries between formal and casual menswear means the ever-stylish garment offers the perfect balance between smart and cool – whether you need to exert confidence in the boardroom or at the bar.

Its allure is a mystery.

A pinstripe suit possesses an old-world aristocratic charm. He who wears it inspires intrigue in those around him as he radiates a sense of self-assurance, affluence and sartorial elegance.

It flatters us.

Pinstripe suits are particularly flattering for many body shapes and sizes. Vertical lines create a visual heightening effect while variation in spacing and thickness can be used to complement your unique body form.  

It is visually stunning.

One needs only to look at photos of Hollywood royalty in their pinstripe suits to appreciate the total beauty of the motif and pattern.

It represents power.

From Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind, to Britain’s ex Prime Minister Winston Churchill, to Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street, there’s been no shortage of iconic, powerful men donning the striped garment.

It combines romance and adventure.

At its very core, the pinstripe suit has an adventurous spirit that can accompany you on all sorts of escapades. At the same time, it possesses an inherent sense of old-world romance seldom found in today’s menswear.

It transcends time and space.

It’s rare for any one garment to survive the test of time but pinstripe suits have never gone out of fashion.

It is undeniably dapper.

Ultimately, we love the pinstripe suit for this reason. We can count on it to make us look and feel amazing now, and long into the future, regardless of context.

If you are yet to experience the power of the pinstripe suit, then you are missing out. 

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