A weekend in Redfern, Sydney

17 July 2018

"Join us as we take a weekend stroll around Redfern, Sydney."

Meet Blake – an Oscar Hunt fitter with meticulous attention to detail developed from having spent almost a decade in the architectural industry where he had learnt that genuine relationships often result in the best outcomes.

Blake’s passion for menswear is then rather sentimental as he finds made-to-measure tailoring very much similar to architecture – essentially, both of their constructions are about good proportions and finding a balance. It is also this reason that he finds dressing up in the mornings easy and enjoyable altogether.

Blake operates from our Sydney showroom where he draws satisfaction from meeting clients with various backgrounds and build meaningful relationships that thereafter, transpire into garments that they can find just as enjoyable to wear as he does.

Join us as we take a weekend stroll around his favourite suburb, Redfern, featuring a series of outfits from his personal wardrobe.

The Complex

Navy cotton sports jacket – Solbiati
Bengal stripe oxford shirt – Thomas Mason

The Complex is designed by SJB Architects – a multi-purpose use of space including residential, retail, and food and beverage. I sometimes reminisce the world of architecture and design – and when I do, I spend a significant bit of time here and the surrounding businesses. S09 has arguably the best vietnamese pho in town and trust me, french crepes from the produce markets are everything to live for.

Redfern Park

Terracotta cotton sports jacket – Solbiati
Navy shirt – Thomas Mason
Off-white cotton chino trousers – Solbiati

Living in the south Sydney heartland of Redfern, it’s an absolute struggle to find anyone that follows the Australian Football League. Of course, I’m a die-hard supporter of The Melbourne F.C. – go, Demons! As evidently seen from the not-so-subtle colour references of red and blue in this ensemble, this is my rendition of paying homage to the all-time greatest athletes.

While other locals are taking ‘place kick’ shots, you can find me taking a Sherrin to the park and kicking checkside goals through the rugby posts instead – admittedly, a real nuffy but proud of it. I’m currently reading Melbourne’s saviour Paul Roos’ book.

The Tudor Hotel, Redfern Street

Midnight flannel sports jacket – Solbiati
Ice blue cotton shirt – Thomas Mason
Linen-cotton blend denim trousers – Loro Piana

The Tudor Hotel is the home of Australian Football League in Sydney with a giant screen religiously dedicated to broadcasting each game live – a huge win for such a National Rugby League-dominated community. It is encouraged to specifically wear the team guernsey of choice to these games.

The pub is also where I’m sometimes at on Saturday nights – just kicking back, enjoying a good ol’ pint and the strong camaraderie resonating amongst the residents here.

La Coppola, Redfern Street

Brown cotton double-breasted two-piece – Dugdale Bros and Co.
Ice blue cotton shirt – Thomas Mason
Denim shirt-jacket – Thomas Mason

Two words: Redfern’s Italy. This is hands down the finest Sicilian pizza Sydney has to offer – and I take pizzas as seriously as made-to-measure tailoring. Steven Scopelliti, owner of the joint, is the warmest host and will always welcome you with open arms.

Steve, for short, moved into Redfern some weeks after I did and the genuine relationship we’ve built has brought us this far since then. When you’re up, bring a decent bottle of red wine – remember to pour a glass for Steve – and ask for his signature mushrooms special!

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