AARCH for Oscar Hunt

15 May 2018

"This pursuit of operational excellence by AARCH is a philosophy that Oscar Hunt shares."

In a conversation about high quality men’s accessories, specifically of brands that embody meticulous craftsmanship, it is inevitable that AARCH often becomes the main topic of interest.

AARCH is the brainchild of Melbourne-based Aaron Cheung who was looking for a fine pair of gloves – one with supple leather, exquisite details and ultimately, a perfect fit – but was disappointed one wasn’t readily available down under. Eventually locating a small workshop in Hungary that specialises in hand-crafting small quantities of the finest leather gloves, a business driven from a passion for artisanal products was born.  

Still painstakingly crafted by hand and now based in Naples, AARCH gloves undergo 32 different stages of production over a five-hour process to ensure the finished product is as durable as they are exquisite, and as beautiful as they are comfortable.  

Prior to the cutting process, a master craftsman will first stretch the piece of leather using constant pressure – a process that ensures its elasticity is evenly distributed and therefore, prevents later shrinkage. At this stage, he will also carefully inspect the leather for defects, ensuring that quality is not compromised.

He then begins the technical work of cutting the raw material according to pattern blocks – its measurements carefully considered to achieve the best ready-to-wear fit in the industry. These leather pieces are assembled using antiquated machinery and time-honoured techniques – resulting in a high degree of precision to create the most meaningful products.

Next, the assembled glove is thereafter turned inside out for its lining to be fitted, with critical attention paid to eliminating the space between lining and leather for a more precise fit. The gloves are then trimmed of excess leather with a small amount of cream being applied to the edges for finishing.

Finally, the glove is stretched on a hand-shaped mould and ironed out to eliminate any creases, ensuring that the glove will take the shape of the wearer’s hands over time – in much the same manner as how a full-canvassed made-to-measure tailored jacket would.

This pursuit of operational excellence by AARCH is a philosophy that Oscar Hunt shares – and as a result, a small selection of AARCH for Oscar Hunt gloves was curated in a collaborative effort.

The collaboration includes deerskin gloves in classic black, chocolate brown and olive green complete with a luxuriously soft cashmere lining, and made available at our Melbourne and Sydney showrooms.