Accessories to pair with a grey suit

07 July 2016

Accessories to pair with a grey suit

Grey is the colour of construction and concrete. It means a solid foundation—something steadfast, something reliable. Grey is long winters and the sky just before nightfall. It’s cloud streaks, it’s charcoal, it’s pinstripe. But grey will never be boring.

The staple grey suit is the go-to as it fills the middle ground between black and navy. Never too solemn nor too standard-issue, it provides the perfect neutral palette and covers many occasions. Its neutrality is one of its greatest strengths, particularly when choosing accessories to complement it.

Grey Suits and accessories

Pocket squares are one of the simplest accessories with the most amount of impact. Those 25 square inches of fabric can change the overall look of an outfit and others’ perception of the wearer. A grey suit worn with a bold colour suggests confidence and a daring personality. Pastel hues mean someone who plays it safe, but is prepared to take sartorial risks by virtue of wearing a pocket square. A white pocket square is a timeless classic that gives a grey suit a little lift. And someone who wears a patterned pocket square just gets it. Full stop.

The same can be said of ties with grey suits. Grey is the perfect backdrop for every gentleman’s best defence: a well-tied tie. Mid grey goes wth everything—from the brightest blues to the muddiest browns. Charcoals tend to look better with colours that are less contrasting, especially if worn with a white shirt. Bronze, olive and deep rust allow charcoal suits a warm tone and an understated sheen. Lighter greys look wonderful with just about anything, but a maroon or navy paisley print conjures the spirit, while stripes, spots or squares are textural additions.

Grey Suit and accessories

Many will defer to black shoes with a grey suit, but brown or tan are welcome choices. Getting the right shade of brown right is important, so be sure to try a few options. The lighter the shade of grey the more you have, but only really special tan shoes will pair well with a dark suit, so it’s best to play it safe. Match your shoes with your belt and you’ll have a more buttoned-up look to suit your style.

Finally, complete your grey suit with a winter scarf. In either wool or cashmere it goes beyond its practical application and gives your suit more texture and flair. Feel free to try different widths and weights for alternate results. And isn’t that the whole point of accessorising?