Around the world: Defining characteristics of the world’s best-dressed men

23 January 2017

"Men in all three countries exhibit tremendous style, but each was born out of different necessities."

It’s easy to think the standards of well-dressed men are the same around the world. However, each region and fashion hotspot has its own set of characteristics that define men’s fashion. From the Pitti Uomo peacocks to the British dandy, it’s clear the standards of the world’s best dressed men are high but completely different.

American Style
American suiting pulls its inspiration from the worlds of Ivy League style and the business. The identifying cut has grown slimmer over time, but isn’t as fitted as its European counterparts. American suits are defined by high armholes, single vents and soft silhouettes.  The style is less about flash and more centered around function. American style, at least when it comes to suiting, is almost procedural. It’s designed to get the job done, but it’s not about showing off.

British Style England is home to Savile Row, which is still heavily regarded as one of the best places in the world to have a suit made. British suits have a sense of flair. They’re cut slim to accentuate the physique. The jackets have two side vents, the cloth is heavier and the shoulders are thicker.  The trousers have a higher waist, and the overall aesthetic is more flattering to the body. These suits are the result of painstaking attention to detail and hundreds of years of tradition.

Italian Style
Italian suiting is more about embracing trend and modernity, with some sleek styling added for good measure. The suits are still cut slim to accentuate the body. The shoulders are padded, the jackets have two vents and there are flapless pockets. The fabrics are lighter. However, the real difference is in the use of accessories and the unconventional incorporation of other pieces. What stands out most about the men at Pitti Uomo is how they embrace color and their unpredictability. Italian style is less concerned with convention. You can find men who run the gamut of the spectrum: brightly coloured pocket squares, unbuttoned dress shirts, a denim jacket where you should find a suit jacket. Italian men have a touch of whimsy in their style.

Men in all three countries exhibit tremendous style, but each was born out of different necessities. In America, suiting has a function, in Britain, suiting is about tradition, while in Italy, it’s all about personality. From technical details to inspiration, American, British and Italian styles each bring something fresh to the table.

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