Back to business: The quintessential 2017 business wardrobe

13 January 2017

"Ensure you have strong essentials to build a powerful business wardrobe from the ground up."

At the start of the year every man should scrutinise the way he dresses. Are your essentials up to date and in fresh condition? Are you prepared for every scenario 2017 could throw your way? When it comes to your business wardrobe, versatility is key. Instead of clogging your space with loads of unnecessary statement suits invest in some high-quality modern basics. 


Whether you’re clearing out space or creating a shopping list, it’s crucial you own at least one navy suit and one grey suit. Black suits are obvious, so if you’re looking for a suit that works well in the office, but also transitions well to other occasions, the navy suit is the perfect choice. The dark colour scheme communicates an air of formality and provides more flexibility when it comes to choosing shoes and accessories.

Grey suits also provide the same level of flexibility, though you should choose options with texture. Prince of Wales is a fantastic option. The subtle plaid is timeless and works as the perfect everyday business suit. It also makes for a beautiful canvas for bold accessories from silver tie bars to patterned pocket squares. A herringbone weave in both suit colours also works well. The zigzag weave adds a layer of intrigue and variation that brings each to life and elevates a basic suit to new heights.


Your woven dress shirts are the foundation of your business wardrobe. As you’re emphasising quality suiting, your shirts should reflect your overall look. A crisp, clean white dress shirt is a must. It matches every suit type and pattern, and communicates professionalism irrespective of the scenario. Additionally, light blue dress shirts work well. For a look that’s a bit more adventurous, subtly patterned shirts are also appropriate. Patterns like gingham, Bengal stripe and windowpane inject life into your business look without feeling too trendy. 


Last but not least, your business accessories should play a complementary role in your everyday dressing. For example, your pocket square should never be an exact match to your tie. Instead, it should introduce a secondary colour; or opt for white for a classic and versatile touch. Ties should fall in line with either the overall suiting colour or the primary colour of your shirt. If your shirt is plain white, the possibilities are endless, though avoid bold patterns. Choosing the right watch for you is a great way to finish the look. This also means you don't have to reach for your smart phone every time you need to check the time (read: this avoids excess wear and tear on the pocket).

For 2017, getting back to business means getting back to basics. Ensure you have strong essentials to build a powerful business wardrobe from the ground up. Make an appointment with your Oscar Hunt tailor to plan for your most successful year yet.

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