Be prepared for wedding season

13 November 2015

Be prepared for wedding season

Rising temperatures and a mailbox full of invitations can mean only one thing: wedding season. Whether those words light up your eyes at the lure of an open bar or cause you to recoil with fear, you should be prepared. Having a go-to “wedding suit” sitting at the back of the wardrobe doesn’t cut it anymore. We gents are sartorially savvy these days, and dressing for the occasion is the standard. And looking good to make a good impression is even more important since the advent of Instagram!

"A good cut is key to standing out and is a subtle way to look your best"

If you're the groom then look no further than a tailor. It’s important to consider made-to-measure as only a tailor can create a suit to your specific requirements and your groomsmen. With your and up to four others’ needs to address, wouldn’t you rather have a little assistance from a tailoring professional? 


A tailor is versed in the complexity of a suit’s construction, and can help you achieve the correct fit for your body shape. By accentuating your best assets, subtle changes to the suit’s block can accommodate your frame and conceal any imperfections in your physique. A good cut is key to standing out and is a subtle way to look your best. A tailor can also give you other style advice, such as the most appropriate fabrics for the big day. You should remember that it's your wedding day and this is the time to invest in a good suit. It will perform on the day and you won't be constantly adjusting it nor worried about the suit looking unappealing in photos. Whether guided by your own style preferences, or under the strict advice of your bride, a tailor can ensure your suit comes up trumps.



If you're simply attending a wedding, then the pressure’s off somewhat, but you don’t want to be left reaching for “Old Faithful” when and brand-new-and-original is only a couple of fittings away. Check your calendar for the coming months and assess just what you’ll need. Given the more congenial weather, you’ll have have the opportunity to dress for summer so consider lighter fabrics such linen, as well as lighter colours for standout elegance. Accessories play a major part in summer weddings, so consider those items that will add the finishing touch. A set of braces is a popular embellishment Whatever the choice, make sure you invest in a suit that will have you looking sharp for many wedding seasons ahead.


With the wedding season just on the horizon, show some imagination and flair. Call or email us to make an appointment, and let us inspire you with the benefits of made-to-measure, which you’ll see is perfect for every affair.