Building a sartorial wardrobe: Black Tie suiting

07 December 2018

"As much as it seems like an aspirational piece, having your own tuxedo is genuinely worth the investment."

Black tie suiting is the pinnacle of menswear. Reserved for significantly special occasions, this ensemble (known commonly as the tuxedo) is one of the most elegant things a man can wear: completely minimal, monochromatic, and with our meticulous tailoring, completely fitted towards a sharper appearance but at the same time, places an emphasis on the fit of the garment. As much as it seems like an aspirational piece, having your own tuxedo is genuinely worth the investment.  

The black tie invitations for weddings, cocktail parties, and NYE soirees are around the corner – and yes, these dress codes can be strict. But don’t be that guy who opts for cheap rental tuxedos which doesn’t necessarily get the job done with an unflattering silhouette and constructed from lower quality fabrics. Black tie suiting is not simply about wearing a black or midnight navy suit with a pre-tied bowtie either. Of course, that’s the point, since this is a garment meant for the most special of occasions.  

The first noticeable difference between a tuxedo and a suit is the lapels and the presence of satin. A tuxedo will feature either a shawl or peak lapel, the choice of which is a matter of personal preference. In general, a peak lapel is commanding and masculine while the rounded shawl speaks to a more subdued elegance. Alluding to its formal connotations, these lapels have a satin facing which will have a corresponding satin stripe on the side of the suit trousers. These two details together are the hallmark of a true tuxedo.

In addition, we recommend that  a tuxedo should replace belt loops with side adjusters. This creates a sharper appearance without a belt which visually bisect the upper and lower torso. Traditionally, it is also recommended that black tie suitings are complemented with the formality of braces – non better than our curated selection of British finest’s Albert Thurston in-store.

The rest of the details are again a matter of personal preference. A single-breasted, one-button suit jacket is the most classic of black tie suitings, though one can opt for double-breasted suiting as an alternative. Double-breasted jackets are predominantly more traditional, in either shawl or peak lapels, and is ideal for the gentleman who prefer a more classical and masculine evening attire. Covered buttons are standard to echo the satin found elsewhere in the ensemble and jetted pockets are what enhances the clean lines of the tuxedo.

Above all, fit is what ultimately matters and is what will make you stand out amongst the plethora of ready-to-wear rental options that men often turn to at the last minute. Even though a tuxedo is the most elegant suit in a man’s wardrobe, we believe that it should be just as comfortable as one’s favourite pair of pyjamas .  

At Oscar Hunt, we believe in investing into a complete wardrobe, not solely for the occasion.

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