Building a sartorial wardrobe: Classics

13 April 2018

"From timeless to the contemporary, these are the suits with true allure that demand quality fabrics and expert tailoring."

A classic suit can be likened to your favourite movie – put it on repeatedly but it never gets old, never outdated, never a letdown. From timeless to the contemporary, these are the suits with true allure that demand quality fabrics and expert tailoring.

Midnight blue suit
Has anyone worn the midnight blue with more intent than Michael Caine in Get Carter? Exuding confidence and gravity, it’s the classic corporate suit of armour paired alongside neat oxfords. Mid-weight wool or flannel are the standard bearers for the midnight blue business suit – but also consider more casual alternatives such as seersucker or even a hopsack sports jacket. A crisp white shirt opens a palette of textures and colours for the choice of neckwear that can complement the midnight blue such as intriguing three-dimensional grenadine texture or a ‘slubby’ shantung number.

Dove grey suit
An absolutely razor-sharp look when it’s as immaculately tailored as it was for Sean Connery’s James Bond in Goldfinger – more so worn as a three-piece, as Connery did. He kept it simple and elegant with a white shirt and navy tie but one can just as easily also substitute that for a light blue or pink shirt alongside silk neckties with bold, statement stripes. Contemporise further by replacing standard black accessories for brown – think Cordwainer’s oxfords or derby footwear options.

Pinstripe suit
The power play – basically Michael Douglas in Wall Street, hungry for the next deal. Rendered over shades of charcoal grey, midnight blue or jet-black, pinstripes make bold statements. Worn well with monkstraps or more formal lace-ups, and more casual necktie options to create sophisticated contrast within an outfit. Go standard single-breasted, or think double – either way, have a tailor craft the suit and be the best-dressed in the boardroom.

Glen plaid suit
Like Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair or Cary Grant in North by Northwest, business suits do not necessarily always mean pinstripes. Glen plaid suits are considerably a good addition while building a sartorial wardrobe – a light check will not be visible from afar but strikingly impressive to the person in a handshake. Soft, solid colours including crisp white, sky blue and baby pink shirts work best in this ensemble and can effortlessly be dressed up with textured neckties.

Brown suit
There are various shades of brown from the obvious rich chocolate three-piece suit worn by Ryan Gosling in La La Land to the well-tailored beige suit worn by Daniel Craig’s James Bond in Spectre. Brown suitings are typically styled in lightweight fabrics such as cotton and linen but can also be observed within business-formal environments in wool variants with birdseye and nailhead patterns.

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