Building a sartorial wardrobe: Three essential business suits

14 December 2018

"Owning menswear classics that are custom-tailored is a great investment and we’re here to make the process easy and enjoyable altogether."

With 2019 around the corner, it’s time for a fresh start: you’re probably going to get that gym membership, ask for that raise, and more importantly, refresh the wardrobe you’ve been putting off for months. Owning menswear classics that are custom-tailored is a great investment and we’re here to make the process easy and enjoyable altogether.

If you’re just starting out, a solid, worsted wool single-breasted navy and charcoal suit will get you through pretty much life’s ups and downs. These sartorial pieces are interchangeable, allowing you to wear them interchangeably, though that can become “ad nauseum” after awhile, necessitating a refresh in 2019. Opting for peak lapels on your next navy suit makes the garment more rakish, allowing it to be worn together as an elegant evening suit or a smart casual jacket with cotton chino trousers. It’s an alternative to the traditional navy blazer without the school uniform connotation. Or opt for a grey suit with patch pockets: which turns a formal-leaning suit into something more casual thanks to the utilitarian change. With different variations of navy and grey, it’s safe to pair them with dark brown. Worn together, it’s a good mid-week alternative to the standard suitings within the business wardrobe.

Experiment with different types of buttoning. A 3-roll-2 stance is currently appreciated amongst Italian tailoring for its more mature appearance, as it allows for a wider lapel and longer torso line. Double-breasted suits are also a popular choice, appropriate for the more conservative offices. The overlapping closure adds to the formality of this silhouette while providing an old school aesthetic at the same time.

If you’re looking for an obvious method to refresh or continuously build your suiting wardrobe, take a look at our newer fabric options available in-store for 2019. Dormeuil is our go-to for traditional business suits as the fine texture and slight sheen adds to its dressier nature – that’s where we recommend the initial navy and charcoal suits. Subsequently, choosing a subtle pattern such as navy plaid or grey pinstripe will be great additions, appropriate for the no-nonsense men.

For relaxed offices, we recommend Dugdale Bros & Co. Their cloth specializes in different textures and weaves, which allows garments to wear with charm and character. It’s perfect for men who are interested in patterns but don’t necessarily need to appear too formal. Selections like a flannel grey suit mixes town and country well; a navy cotton suit is ready to be broken up into separates.

Finally, it’s important to remember that fit is king. This year, skip the ill-fitting ready-to-wear garments at the mall; there is almost nothing as beautiful as a made-to-measure suit tailored specifically for you. Wearing our tailoring will not only flatter your figure, but is also just as comfortable as wearing your favorite pair of jeans. We accomplish this with soft shoulders and little structure to ensure it feels great all day. With each commission, Oscar Hunt will be there to guide you, from your first business suit of the year to the one you break out for at the holiday parties.

We genuinely wish you a great year ahead.

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