Casualwear – the hopsack sports jacket

16 March 2018

"Hopsack fabric is breathable, hard-wearing and has an aesthetically pleasing drape."

The ‘hopsack’ fabric draws its name from the process of brewing beer – given to a crude burlap sack stuffed full of harvested hops, preparatory to the first stage of brewing beer.

A style of weave rather than a fabric, hopsack is enjoying a 21st-century renaissance as the thinking man’s counterpoint to the more popular alternatives for summer-weight sports jacketing fabrics of linen and lightweight cotton.

Hopsack Jacket

Often from lightweight wool, the hopsack fabric is woven with an open basket weave. How this works is when two or more warp yarns, and weft yarns, are first woven together and then further interlace to form a criss-cross pattern.

The resulting fabric is breathable, hard-wearing and with an aesthetically pleasing drape – more importantly, hopsack does not crease. No matter the circumstances. And because of its impressive resistance to creases alongside robustness in nature, it is a fabric worth considering while in the midst of building a sartorial wardrobe – especially so, amongst frequent business travellers.

Hopsack is the most versatile in midnight navy blue – very much akin to the sports jacket notably worn by Roger Moore as James Bond in 1979’s Moonraker. Shades of dove grey and even a deep shade of brown works particularly well in boardroom meetings, too.

Hopsack Jacket

Furthermore, hopsack can be woven in several weights – lighter weights for use at the height of summer and heavier weights to master autumn/winter’s unpredictable weather conditions.

The open weave also distinctively adds texture, resulting in a more casual approach to sports jackets or blazers, in addition to its characterful puckering from the jackets’ pick stitching – a telltale sign of quality and a standard feature at Oscar Hunt.

In addition, its textured finish makes for a garment relatively straightforward to style – light blue shirtings alongside off-white chino trousers, and complete with a pocket square that provides a pop of colour to the overall look make for a sharp and clean outfit.

Hopsack Jacket

For good measure, add a Biagio Santo chocolate brown grenadine silk tie to dress up for the occasion, or dress down with a white t-shirt and denim jeans on the weekends. In preparation for the cooler months ahead, layering a cashmere crewneck pullover beneath the hopsack jacket also extends its operating window deeper into the shoulder season.

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