Choose the right colour shoes for your suit

29 August 2015

"Despite covering only 5% of your body, footwear can impact the first visual judgement we make by more than 30%."

You might think that all the hard work is done once you’ve chosen the material, colour, and style of your custom tailored suit, but we beg to differ. A perfect suit, shirt, and tie combination can be torn asunder by a poor choice of shoe and, to be more specific, a poor choice of shoe colour.


The Black Shoe

It’s the everlasting staple of men’s footwear. Whether it’s a traditional pair of Oxfords or a pair of cap-toes, every man has at least one pair in his formal wear arsenal.

Pairs with – Black, Navy, Grey, Charcoal – It’s common knowledge that a black shoe complements a black suit. But it’s also surprisingly good with darker navy suits particularly on formal occasions and works well with grey suits of all shades.

Perfect for – Formal events – Black has always been considered the most formal of suit colours and as its natural partner the black shoe has become  the go-to shoe for weddings, black-tie events, funerals, interviews and office wear.

Our recommended look – Black shoe and Grey suit – As much as we love the timeless and incredibly versatile black suit, we’re going to have to go  with a grey suit and black cap toes combination. It’s a business look with a difference that is sure to let you stand out in the boardroom.


The Brown Shoe

The many shades of brown available provide limitless options and looks but also give you plenty of opportunities for a fashion faux pas so tread carefully.

Pairs with – Brown, Grey, Navy, Charcoal – Brown is perhaps one of the most versatile colours in footwear matching with anything other than black. When pairing with a brown suit be careful that the shades are of a noticeable contrast. With other colours ensure to match the tones accordingly, dark with dark and light with light.

Perfect for – Smart casual occasions – A friend’s party, an informal company get-together or even for office wear depending on the dress code at work. The brown shoe is enjoying somewhat of a renaissance and has become the ideal choice of footwear for any less than formal occasion.

Our recommended look – Brown shoe and Navy suit – Sure, it’s a popular look right now but with the many shades of navy suit on offer and a seemingly endless selection of tones in brown shoes, you can easily create your own individual look. Just try to remember, the darker the blue, the darker the shoe.


The Oxblood Shoe

The oxblood shoe hints at a certain amount of flamboyancy in the wearer and perhaps this is the reason why it is often disregarded by those unschooled in fashion.

Pairs with – Black, Brown, Navy, Charcoal, Grey – It’s the versatile colour shoe that goes with everything and if you can get past that initial fear of being the black sheep in a white flock, you’ll never look back.

Perfect for – Any occasion – Oxblood shoes finish off a smart casual look flawlessly but that’s not to say they can’t be worn in a formal setting. A darker shade complements a charcoal business suit or a black wedding suit perfectly and allows the extrovert in you a little freedom and individuality.

Our recommended look – Oxblood shoe and Black suit – For formal occasions we recommend an antiqued pair of oxfords that are slightly blackened and offer an understated yet individual look.

Despite covering only 5% of your body, footwear can impact the first visual judgement we make by more than 30%. So it stands to reason that the next time you slip into your custom made suit whether it’s for a wedding or an interview, you should probably spend a little more time on your choice of shoes.

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