The perfect suit profile for you

07 July 2016

"In truth, there is so much more to the perfect fit than the lengths and widths of the suit."

As we all know, no two gents are made the same.  It stands to reason then that no two suits should be constructed the same.  Yet when we think about suits sometimes we only think about long vs short, 44 slim vs 44 regular.  In truth, there is so much more to the perfect fit than the lengths and widths of the suit.

If your suit is for business then you may consider a more practical cut that’ll give you free movement throughout the day. You should seek comfort when you’re quite active, such as walking to work or in the city between meetings. We recommend a suit that isn’t too tight and allows you unrestricted movement. That doesn’t mean your suit can't be fitted; tailoring accounts for a flattering shape as well as comfort.

Likewise a tailored wedding suit: you will have more important things to worry about than an ill-fitting suit—like making it to the service on time. Comfort is key so you need to be practical and stylish with a formal finish. It’s also an occasion for classic tailoring—nothing too outlandish or experimental. Sophistication is yours, just wear something you know your bride or groom will adore. A suit that exemplifies your proportions and your trim wedding physique (and gets the nod from the conservative aunts from interstate) is the winner.

In addition to comfort, a cut appropriate for your form is a consideration for your tailor. If you're a shorter gentleman it's not a problem; your tailor will know how to balance your proportions and elongate your frame. The block of the jacket will be adjusted to suit a shorter torso, giving the appearance of longer legs and thus, a taller stature. If you have square shoulders, consider more structure through the jacket to make it sit correctly. That means extra shape around the chest and waist, which will carve a shape into the suit and give it a less boxy and more tapered form. If you have sloping shoulders, discreet padding will give them more shape and will allow the suit to drape better.

A tailor is a precision worker who can make some informed decisions by looking at your frame and taking measurements. The tailor will guide your selection and give you advice to which fit profile is best for you. Once you've experienced the savoir-faire of tailoring you'll see how good you look and others will notice too. Book an appointment with your tailor today to find your ultimate fit.