Creating a great 3-piece suit look

20 July 2017

"There are no hard-and-fast rules about wearing a three-piece-suit, and one of the greatest advantages is its flexibility."

Transform your look from standard to sartorial with a three-piece suit. The combination of a well-cut suit and a waistcoat equates to unparalleled splendour. Designed for every man, not just the fashion forward, a 3-piece suit provides a sublime shape and holds everything in place: shirt, tie and physique. With a nod to tailoring of the old vanguard, three-piece suits still have their place in contemporary menswear and do their best to get you noticed.

Three-piece suits can be worn in a variety of ways. Tailor made means one suit can have several waistcoat options in different colours, textures and patterns. For example, a Glen plaid three-piece suit looks magnificent with a navy, butter or plain grey waistcoat, or one in matching check. Good dressing comes from simplicity, and a three-piece suit can say a lot without uttering a word.

In cooler months, a three-piece is practical. The form-fitting waistcoat provides an additional layer of insulation under a suit jacket, helping to maintain the line of the jacket by securing everything inside it. With the jacket off, it’s still a formal look without restriction. A white or coloured tailored shirt worn beneath completes the look.  A gentleman in a waistcoat speaks from a position of style authority.

If choosing a single-colour three-piece, think about interesting design features to elevate your style. A double-breasted vest will wrap around your waist and provide an elegant silhouette. A shawl or peak collar evokes Savile Row savoir-faire, and turns the garment into a statement. Wear with accessories designed to heighten your aesthetic, such as pocket squares in complementary colours, but aspire to highlight the magnificence of the garment beneath.

There are no hard-and-fast rules about wearing a three-piece-suit, and one of the greatest advantages is its flexibility. It’s simple to mix and match trousers, blazers and waistcoats so long as they work together. Feel free to try different colour combinations to know which are interchangeable at a whim. And for the nostalgic, pocket watches were designed for waistcoats and three-piece suits. Perfect for a family heirloom or a flea-market find. Allow Oscar Hunt to lead the way to sartorial majesty.

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