Dormeuil:  Becoming one of the world’s leading cloth makers

16 November 2017

"Tailored suits take a step up when made with Dormeuil cloth."

We’re privileged to stock Dormeuil cloths at Oscar Hunt. Our premium offering, Dormeuil fabric represents centuries of expert craftsmanship and selective processes to produce the best suit cloths in the world.

In 1842, the 22-year-old French cloth importer Jules Dormeuil had the idea to import English cloth to France. Due to the innovation during the Industrial Revolution, the English were known for superior cloths from improvements to the weaving process from mechanisation. Later Dormeuil, along with his two brothers, would export his own cloth back to London.

He opened stores in Paris and the British capital in 1871 and continued expansion across Europe and then into Asia in 1880. Dormeuil's reputation grew, foreign countries learning of their supreme quality and fabrication. It wasn't until the beginning of the 21st Century that Dormeuil expanded its presence into the United States, opening a store on Fifth Avenue in 1905.

The Twenties saw Dormeuil go from strength to strength, creating cloths and processes we accept as the status quo today. In 1920 Dormeuil identified a gap in the lucrative womenswear market and launched its first range of fabrics for women. In 1926, the third-generation Pierre Dormeuil invented Sportex, a high-performance cloth for hunting and other outdoor pursuits and in 1927 Dormeuil invented the woven selvedge now found as standard on all bolts of suit cloth.

Dormeuil was one of the first clothmakers to entertain sponsorship. They tailored suits for Arnaud Massy, France's best-ever golfer and the first non-British European to win the British Open in 1907. They also dressed well-known French tennis players, including René Lacoste in the late-1920s.

In 1950 Dormeuil launched its first collection of Haute Couture fabrics, which reflected the increased demand for tailored garments for women, largely inspired by Christian Dior's "New Look." In 1957 they introduced their own line of ready-to-wear suiting under the Guy Dormeuil moniker, which championed the off-the-rack menswear trend.

Throughout their history, Dormeuil has advanced suit cloths through various innovations. 1992 marked the launch of Amadeus, a modern cloth focused on drape and high performance. To this day it remains one of the most popular of Dormeuil's collection. And in 2007 Dormeuil created the world's most expensive and luxurious fabric, which came in a limited edition of only 300 suit lengths.

Tailored suits take a step up when made with Dormeuil cloth. Made-to-measure looks even better and the increased quality means your suit will last even longer. Make an appointment with Oscar Hunt today and discover Dormeuil.

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