Eau De Vie - 5 favorite cocktails

10 November 2016

Eau De Vie - 5 favorite cocktails

Espresso Zabaione

This is one fancy Espresso cocktail. Your choice of vodka, tequila or rum, stirred down with coffee and maple syrup. Layered on top is a saffron and vanilla mousse, super chilled with liquid nitrogen to create a frozen cap.

Yuzu Mule 

Ketel One Vodka, honey, orange and lime juices, yuzu curd and our famous ginger beer. This ridiculously refreshing number is served in our traditional copper mugs.

Zacapa Blazer 

One of absolute favourites and listed as on of the world’s top ten cocktails in 2013 by Elite Traveller.

Autumn Leaves 

The perfect remedy for the blues. Gin, thyme, detox tea, fresh lemon and mandarin. Nice and herbal and served up with a toasted leave. 

Kitty at the Cocobongo 

A fresh and floral hit of citrus vodka, elderflower, vanilla, zesty citrus and tangy passion fruit. Shaken, served up with a blush of Peychaud’s bitters.



Eau De Vie is open 7 days a week and can be found centrally in both Melbourne and Sydney


229 Darlinghurst Road
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

0422 263 226
1 Malthouse Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000

0412 825 441