Essentials – five additional ties

03 August 2018

"Having a selection of quality neckties from which to choose means you can enjoy the confidence that comes with always being meticulously dressed."

As you stand before the mirror to put together an ensemble for the day ahead, having an arsenal of quality neckties from which to choose means enjoying the confidence that comes with being meticulously dressed.

Our selection of neckties for this season in collaboration with Biagio Santo includes:

Light grey cashmere, unlined

Cashmere is among the most luxurious of natural fibres, coveted for its soft hand and lightweight. This unlined cashmere tie in light grey with its characterful finish is a good addition to consider within a conservative business environment or wedding context. It provides the perfect tonal complement to any grey two-piece and yet, versatile enough to also be styled with midnight or mid-blue suiting – for less formal occasions, attempt this number with a Prince of Wales check. Warm, earthy tones – a stone or taupe linen sports jacket for example – can also enhance the tie’s rich textural elements.

Navy paisley wool-silk blend, unlined

Understated elegance is always worth pursuing in a business setting, but that doesn’t mean one cannot show off a more playful side – which essentially is what we find dressing up most enjoyable in the mornings. Patterned in paisley flourishes, this unlined tie in a wool-silk blend reveals the asymmetrical side with subtlety and style. Wear with a mid-grey suit or something similar in darker shades can call out the textures evident through the navy-green base.

Fine Navy Grenadine Silk Unlined

The intricate textures on grenadine enliven a tie of solid colours – such as this unlined example in dark navy. Conservative yet intriguing with its three-dimensional weave, the necktie pairs well with most solid suiting colours, as well as patterns including pinstripes. Swap in a bengal striped shirt to create further contrast within the ensemble.

Grey striped grenadine silk, unlined

Contrasting colours, intriguing textures, and bold patterns – this grey-striped unlined grenadine silk tie just about has it all. It pairs well with just about anything in a sartorial wardrobe. It can look particularly impressive with the casualness of an unstructured sports jacket, making the ensemble soft and easy to wear while looking smart at the same time.

Mid-blue cross hatch wool-silk blend, unlined

First impressions do not do complete justice to this unlined mid-blue tie in a wool-silk blend – however, a  second glance reveals not just the beautiful cross-hatch patterns, but also an appealing lustre. What we find most fascinating about this particular number is how it different colours can be interpreted depending on the light reflecting on the fabric’s sheen – it appears to be a rich, royal shade of blue at one point; the next, a darker shade of midnight navy Experiment with grey suiting or a houndstooth sports jacket for good measure.

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