Favourite cloths of the team at Oscar Hunt

11 September 2017

"When I think of timeless class, I am instantly thinking navy" - Aaron Lister

We ask some of the Oscar Hunt team to pick two of their favourite cloths:

Aaron Lister, Fitter

Porter and Harding "Glorious Twelfth" / Navy windowpane check

"Glorious Twelfth is pure new wool, sitting around the 11oz mark. It has a lovely lustre and wears beautifully. The full collection holds a healthy representation of your staple colours and weaves like thick herringbones, twills & pinheads. I am a huge fan of the windowpane check and love how this collection translates into a sports jacket to pair with casual trousers or denim."

Dormeuil "Amadeus" /  Vibrant navy herringbone

"Dormeuil Cloth is unmatched in its feel, quality and lustre - when I think of timeless class, I am instantly thinking navy. When it comes to a staple suit, texture or weave can make it special. This herringbone happily reveals itself in the natural light whilst giving it an interesting edge and subtle detail indoors or at night. Paired with its lustre, this suit is remarkable in person."


Chris Edwards, General Manager


Dormeuil "British Collection" / Blue pinstripe

"The British Collection from Dormeuil, for me, is right up my alley. The whole collection is quintessentially English in feel and weight and has great options to get through the winter. The particular cloth I chose is an incredibly unique and interesting pin. Imperfect and with a shadow line, this pin is a nod to the classic with a very interesting twist."

Dormeuil "15 Point 7" Super 160s collection / Navy birdseye

"This collection is an exceptional mix of luxury and durability. The cloth is a Super 160s all wool, meaning it is very soft and luxurious, yet it is still quite tough. I love this particular birdseye fabric as it has the look of a traditional mid navy suit with a slight texture to move it away from your everyday navy suit. It’s a relatively simple fabric, yet I find a beautiful navy suit (especially in such a luxurious fabric) very difficult to beat."


Lachie Watson, Melbourne Showroom Manager


Smith Woollens "Luxury Flannel" / Mid grey flannel

"This mid grey flannel is light and breathable, but still warm to wear due to the raised finish to the cloth giving it year round versatility that's ideal for Melbourne’s climate. It’s very comfortable and easy to wear as it has a soft feel whilst still being durable.  The cloth has a beautiful texture which makes the cloth more casual and dynamic across different looks."

Solbiati "Linens" / Navy linen

"This navy linen is very dynamic and flexible across different looks and best of all it’s breathable. I love the natural creasing in linen which creates a nonchalant look, and provides great character to the garment. Linens can be lightweight or heavy, and each serves a different purpose - this is a slightly heavier linen which is ideal for the work week.  Perhaps my favourite thing about this cloth is the fact that I can either wear it as a two piece, or just wear the trousers paired with other contrasting casual jacket fabric compositions such as wool/silk/linen blends, allowing great versatility in creating plenty of unique looks and styles." 

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