Five additional ties - Biagio Santo Edition (Part 2)

09 March 2018

"These ‘Handmade in Italy’ ties are painstakingly assembled within their atelier with an emphasis on carefully considered materials alongside high quality workmanship."

Hand-picking a necktie might sometimes seem like a daunting affair to some – is a particular necktie motif or colour scheme ‘too loud’ and how best to incorporate it into an outfit?

In this feature, we highlight five notable looks – while considering colour, texture and style – surrounding our quality selection of seasonal neckties in collaboration with Biagio Santo to help build a strong accessories arsenal.

More about Biagio Santo: these ‘handmade in Italy’ ties are painstakingly assembled within their atelier with an emphasis on carefully considered materials alongside high-quality workmanship; a process that resonates deeply with Oscar Hunt – our fitters and tailors, too, strive to deliver custom tailored garments constructed from luxurious fabrics and advanced technological processes.

In addition to the selection detailed here, these are five additional examples of strikingly handsome accessories for the shoulder seasons:

100% cashmere tie in stone with herringbone pattern - unlined
Nothing conveys quiet confidence quite like a herringbone tie. Subtly patterned in the distinctive herringbone weave, this unlined 100 percent cashmere tie in stone looks as good as it feels. Team with a crisp white shirt and navy wool suit – or the cornflower blue and midnight, as pictured – for an ensemble that conveys both warmth and an understated sense of elegance.

100% silk burgundy grenadine tie - lined
Revel in the mesmerising depth of Biagio Santo’s 100 percent silk grenadine tie in burgundy. Looking beyond the silken sheen and fetching three-dimensional weave, the interplay of light reveals darker, more mysterious shades. Also fully lined, it is substantial enough to style all year round and paired as easily with a sand/taupe sports jacket; and a two- or three-piece suit in black, grey or navy blue.

100% silk navy grenadine tie with blue spots - unlined 
Inject some fun into your day with pops of bright blue cutting through the deep navy on this 100 percent silk grenadine tie. Ideally paired alongside a mid-blue suit of cotton, hopsack or lightweight flannel, it also complements other sports jackets in more earthy tones.

Cotton-linen blend peach tie - unlined 
Why wear the same materials, colours and patterns as the next person in a business meeting when one can opt for a textured finish as unique as this cotton-linen blend example in peach? Lightweight and unlined, it is a memorable counterpoint to jackets in darker shades of blue, black or grey, and can be dressed up with a bengal striped shirt for good measure.

100% silk silver tie with blue motif - unlined 
A silver Biagio Santo tie with printed blue floral motifs in 100 percent silk makes for a strong statement of confidence about its wearer. It’s a great companion in the office while paired alongside darker suits and can be carried off at after-five functions in customary Oscar Hunt style.

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