Four common suiting mistakes men make

01 May 2017

"It’s rare to find a perfect suit without any type of alteration"

When it comes to buying a suit, there are several details and nuances of which to take note. From the size of a jacket lapel, to the unfastening of the vent, to the length of the sleeve: there’s plenty to consider. Yet, so many men purchase off-the-rack suits and wear their purchases without any adjustment. It’s rare to find a perfect suit without any type of alteration. Among the many mistakes, the following four are the most common.

The jacket is too big
Purchasing a great jacket is difficult, especially for men with big chests or broad shoulders. They often size up their jacket to ensure they have breathing room. However, this results in a jacket that’s oversized. The torso ends up too wide, the lapels are too big and the hem falls too far below the waist of the trousers. As a rule of thumb, the bottom hem of the jacket should never fall past your fingertips when they lay at your side.

The vent is closed
Whenever you buy a suit off the rack, the vent is closed with a single stitch. Prior to the first wear, this vent should be opened. But many guys slide into their jacket and head to the office without noticing. The vent is designed so you can sit down in your jacket and remain comfortable. It guides your movement and even accentuates your stature. When left closed, it restricts your movement and makes you look bulky and attracts the sniggers of those in the know.

Outdated style choices
There’s a small percentage of men out there who can still pull off pleats and cuffs, though, most men can’t do this with style. Pleats tend to add weight to your midsection while cuffs take centimetres off your height. Typically, men are dressing to do the exact opposite. Flat-front trousers will always be the most flattering while cuff-free breaks always impress.

Fastening all the buttons
There’s only one occasion in which you should button all your jacket’s buttons - when you’re wearing a one-button blazer. When you slide into a two or three-button blazer, you should always leave the bottom button undone. Like your vent, leaving the last button unfastened helps to flatter your physique while allowing you to move freely. It’s a classic suiting rule that stands true to this day.

One surefire way to avoid these common suiting traps is to stop buying off-the-rack and investing in tailor-made. When you make the switch to made-to-measure, you can walk away with a suit that’s perfectly tailored to your every need.

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