Heavy duty fabrics for the modern suit

03 August 2017

"Heavy duty doesn’t mean hardcore, and there are several cloths that will take a hit and spring straight back into shape."

Modern men need modern suiting and strong suit fabrics are not only desired, but essential. Life on the go takes its toll and when you spend time between cars, trains and braving the weather, you need the best and most responsive suit fabrics to get you through. Heavy duty doesn’t mean hardcore, and there are several cloths that will take a hit and spring straight back into shape. All without compromising on comfort or quality. It’s the least you can expect from a high-performance suit.

Suits that travel well are a basic requirement for a modern gent. They must fold away into a suit carrier or garment bag with ease and look impeccable upon arrival. Your suit must also wear well through endless meetings and look as originally intended when you stand. One of the strongest attributes about wool fabric is its unparalleled resilience and response to everyday wear. One of the most versatile cloths, it’s the staple for high-quality suits. Available in a range of styles, it’s by far the most widely used and best all-round suit material.

As a rule, the heavier the wool the better the finish and the better it will take a beating from everyday use. Worsted wool is a cloth that retains its shape and doesn’t crease easily, making it the perfect travel companion for businessmen. Its thick yarn and the way it is loomed gives it an unbridled advantage and is resistant to wear and tear. Not only reserved for winter, it comes in a range of weights that wear well year-round.

Mohair is another cloth that will see a gentleman through the demands of the day. Lightweight and soft to the touch, mohair is often blended with wool to create suits with a luxurious finish. The mohair fibres resist creasing and allow the suit to breathe with ease. Mohair is a superior cloth from which to create a suit and adds a hint of luxury to every day. While beautiful, you should avoid other luxury fibres such as silk and cashmere. Although they have refined finishes they don't wear as well under duress. Likewise wools that are too light—they will crease and keep your suit from looking its best.

Talk to your tailor about what you expect from your new suit, especially if you lead a particularly active career. Allow them to show you a range of prestige cloths designed to stand life's trials and look your best in tailor-made.

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