Holiday style – suiting while overseas

06 July 2017

"When travelling, think about packing items that won’t crease and that are lightweight."

Travel is a necessary component of most professions and it seems the higher we rank, the more time we spend in the skies and on the road. When meeting colleagues, clients and suppliers, whether for the first time or after brokering a merger for two years, tailoring gives you a stylish edge. The same can be said of our leisure time, particularly when travelling abroad. Appearance matters, so you’ll want to make sure that your wardrobe travels well with you.

When travelling, think about packing items that won’t crease and that are lightweight. Suits made from cloths designed to travel will stay in shape and look meticulous whenever you pull them from your garment bag or suitcase. A great tailored blazer that you can dress both up and down is the perfect accompaniment, meaning it can look good at the dinner table or the factory floor.

Holiday Suiting style

If you’re planning a trip to the opposite hemisphere, then seasonality will come into play. Warmer climates require just as much planning as those that are cooler; when contending with subtropical temperatures, it can be more of a challenge to look composed. If it’s twice the temperature where you’re going, pack items that breathe and will withstand a day’s wear. Linen suits and plain white cotton shirts are a simple choice and will do their best to keep you cool and conceal perspiration. White shirts are also more versatile when travelling with limited luggage, meaning they’re interchangeable with a selection of ties and suits; no one will know you’re wearing the same shirt twice.

To stay warm in a Northern-Hemisphere winter, you’ll need to plan further in advance. Consider layers when travelling to colder climates: knitwear or a three-piece suit will insulate you when the temperatures are subzero. One simple and elegant overcoat will keep your baggage allowance in check, which you can wear for a formal night out or wear casually day to day to protect from the cold. Of course, essential accessories likes scarves and gloves will serve both function and style staples.

Holiday Suiting style

No matter where your holiday takes you, you can travel always in style with tailor made.

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