How to be the best-dressed at work with ease and simplicity

15 March 2016

How to be the best-dressed at work with ease and simplicity

You might see other gents around the city dressed to the fifteens and wonder how they possibly find the time to pull it all together in the morning. The late nights laying it out are a myth: high-end dressing doesn't require great skill, just practice. You can be the best dressed man in the office with little effort, just a keen eye, a little imagination and the right tools. 

Start with your foundation—a well-fitted tailored suit. Navy, grey, or navy with a subtle check are great staples every Renaissance man should own. They transcend seasons and styles as a good suit should, and with timeless cuts they surpass trends. Next, build a strong collection of shirts—nothing over the top, just classic white, blue and striped. Of course there's room to play and the more choices you have the greater the possibilities.

Perfectly tailored shirts form the background to enhance the elegance of a quality necktie. Always silk with a supreme lustre (or sumptuous wool or cashmere in cooler months), a well-tied tie sets the tone and commands respect. Look for versatility when building your tie collection. Solid block colours, subtle patterning and collegiate stripes are sensible and timeless additions.
As for accessories, keep it simple. No need to worry about tie and pocket square combinations—a white pocket square is a smart choice that looks effortless and pairs with just about every tie choice. The same stands for cufflinks: stylish, uncomplicated keep the look clean and give you less to fuss over.

 Finish your look with a good pair of leather shoes—dark brown or black in either a clean derby or with a slight brogue will do the trick. Make sure they’re polished beyond comprehension and you’ll be suited and booted appropriately. All together you have around a dozen looks that you can work with, which is equivalent to two-and-a-half weeks’ worth of office wear. You need never  worry about what to wear again.