How to build a dapper spring wardrobe

07 August 2017

"Spring clothes are fresher and lighter than their winter alternatives, so you can dress with greater flair in more favourable weather."

The approaching spring not only signifies the end of another blistering winter, but a chance to shed the layers and show off your inherent style. Spring clothes are fresher and lighter than their winter alternatives, so you can dress with greater flair in more favourable weather. A men's spring wardrobe is elegant in its simplicity: comfortable cotton suits, linen trousers and other men’s wardrobe essentials make a stylish statement. Here's how to look your dapper best this spring.

More temperate weather means men's blazers are realised in a spectrum of spring hues. As the flowers sprout from the terra firma, colours shoot for the stratosphere. Sports jackets for men when tailored offer a range options to a discerning gentleman. Tailors can advise on a range of suitable cloths for the warmer months, from breathable cotton to cool linens. A lightweight sports jacket is a worthy companion to many affairs, both on and off duty. Worn with a white linen shirt it’s a classic look that’s hard to beat in radiant sunlight.

Linen shirts are often overlooked as a spring option, but worn under a suit they can provide more comfort than the staple cotton poplin shirt. Available in just as many colours, they wear well and press just as easily as cotton. Warm-weather-appropriate fabrics aren't reserved to shirting. Suit cloths become lighter both in weight and in tone without the need to provide as much warmth as in winter. Plain cloths or a simple check can turn a regular suit into a statement.

Cotton pants and chino trousers are a fresh approach to menswear. A well-tailored pair that is form-fitting, but respectful to the classic silhouette looks great when worn casually. A pair of pleated trousers is a more daring approach to a spring wardrobe, giving a greater shape across the midsection and emphasising its construction. Either for business or casual, men’s trousers benefit from the made-to-measure treatment in spring.

Being truly dapper means wearing tailoring in unexpected ways to make an understated impact. More colours and a more diverse colour palette means a gentleman can shine in the sun. Be inspired by nature and give your spring wardrobe some life.

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