How to build your business wardrobe in 2016

14 January 2016

How to build your business wardrobe in 2016

New year, new me and all that; we're sure you’ve had enough of the resolutions and proclamations of change. There is one resolve you can make—to look badass in 2016 with a little help from Oscar Hunt. Building a corporate  wardrobe isn't a daunting task and in fact, it should be a lot of fun. Getting ahead in business doesn’t come only from sweat labour. Looking like you take yourself seriously helps others do the same. Here are some ways to make sure your corporate look is on point.

A good corporate wardrobe is about great staples. There is nothing basic about basics and these form the core of what you wear each day. Comfort is key and the perfect tailored business shirt should be your first port of call. When made according to your measurements, the cut allows you the movement you need throughout the day. You only need your tailor to take your measurements to have many shirts made. And as the year progresses, you can even order replacements without even stepping into the showroom.

A three-piece suit is a fashionable addition to the corporate wardrobe. Comprising a jacket, trousers and a waistcoat, this traditional approach gives you an even more refined finish. Not only does the waistcoat hold everything in place, but you still look formally attired if you take your jacket off at your desk. Make the waistcoat in the same fabric as the suit or in a contrast colour for an extra dash of flair. You might even opt to have several on rotation depending on the tie and shirt you choose to wear.

Finally, when it comes to choosing fabrics, aim for a range of different personalities. This could mean options for everyday wear in the office to outfits reserved for important meetings or presentations. And for those days on which you can relax yet still must look the part, there are options that blur the boundaries of corporate attire, but keep you well in line. Your tailor can advise on what would suit each purpose, help you pick fabrics that’ll suit your requirements and make sure they’re made to perfection. Our Travelling Tailor service can even conduct all your fittings at your office or home if you find that time is tight, and we’ll deliver your new wardrobe to you within six weeks of placing an order. Now’s the time to start the new year, so suit yourself in style.