How to dress for a bar date

18 December 2018

Choosing a romantic venue for a date is the first dilemma; what to wear runs a close second. With those boxes ticked, the romantic liaison is off to the perfect start.

In either respect, it needs to feel comfortable, easy and classy - an impression that lasts. The attention to detail and connoisseurship that the Archie Rose Distilling Co. pays to creating an intimate, stylish environment is sure to elevate that important occasion, and the same can be said for the fastidious tailoring of an Oscar Hunt suit.

Arise, Archie Rose

In a relatively short time, Archie Rose Distilling Co. has built a reputation not only for its growing range of internationally awarded spirits it distils on the premises, but as a bar that simply must be experienced. Located in inner suburban Sydney at Rosebery, a few kilometres south of the city, it immediately impresses with a beautifully designed space combining the best elements of the adjoining distillery with a fetching fusion of copper, steel, oak and concrete.

Spirit fans and cocktail connoisseurs alike flock to Archie Rose to sample, sip and savour spirits crafted on-site, in tasting flights or drinks mixed by bartenders who are amongst the best in the business.

Try the Yuzu Something to Me - featuring award-winning Archie Rose Distiller’s Strength Gin, Yuzushu, coriander distillate, miring, pineapple and pandan leaf. Or ask to sample one of their limited release gins, featuring distillates of sustainably-sourced local, wild-foraged plants, fruits and herbs.

A curated list of craft beers and local wines broadens the appeal for a date to whom Archie Rose’s own whisky, vodka, gin and rum aren’t the first choice.

The appreciation of fine fare extends to food where a charcuterie and cheese platter with fennel salami, lonza and bresaola, served with soft goat’s curd, smoked cheddar and Iggy’s bread, is perfect for grazing and making small talk.

Archie Rose themselves sum it up: “With a unique ambience, top-notch spirits and staff who appreciate intimate situations, there is nowhere else quite like Archie Rose.”


How to dress for a date

Here rises the age-old question – to dress up for that all-important impression, or dress it down? The answer, of course, is to always create the impression of having put in some significant effort, without having put in that much at all.

A sharply tailored casual suit or a beautiful sports jacket paired alongside cotton chino trousers are never the wrong answer. Especially so, when the venue carries the stamp of class of Archie Rose Distilling Co..

More importantly, though, is the fit of a garment – at Oscar Hunt, we strongly believe it is difficult to look your best without feeling comfortable and therefore, work collaboratively to achieve the most flattering fit, ensuring the impressions you give off are always good ones.

The rules are not prescriptive by any means – lose the tie in favour of a pocket square, unbutton the shirt a notch for a more casual feel, and leave the jacket unbuttoned, especially if you sit down to eat.

The possibilities are endless – the only proviso is that both venue and ensemble should demonstrate an appreciation for quality and attention to detail - a quality both Archie Rose and Oscar Hunt ensures.

The rest is up to you.

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