How to dress for a summer wedding

07 August 2017

"Planning wedding outfits should be enjoyable and throughout one’s lifetime there'll be time and again to celebrate."

One should celebrate a wedding invitation, particularly if it's summer either near or afar. Cue a sudden panic: what to wear? Planning wedding outfits should be enjoyable and throughout one’s lifetime there'll be time and again to celebrate. If you've ever wondered what to wear to a wedding, this is a comprehensive guide.

Made-to-measure suits reflect the times and accommodate a variety of dress codes. Suits for a wedding are simple in summer, think light fabrics and styles to keep you cool. Summer calls for colour and linen offers a spectrum for discerning men. Good quality linens now resist creasing, keeping you looking smart and at ease in the heat. Linen is one of summer’s allies; a fabric that breathes and blends well with wool and other cloths for ultimate comfort.

Summer also allows for more casual finishing, but used in a way that has comparable style. Patch pockets are popular and an instant way to address formality. As are buttons reserved for more casual garments. Dressing down can still be dressed up, and it creates opportunities for sartorial exploration. Sports jackets are an option for lounge-suit affairs, particularly at destination weddings. A jacket in an alternate colour to the trousers is delectable and makes a fashion statement. Pale blue, navy or white worn with well-fitting trousers are stylish with either a tie or an open-necked shirt. With the jacket removed and a set of braces your suit transforms into a secondary dance-floor outfit when the moment comes.

A great suit needs spectacular shoes to complete it, and herein lies the opportunity for further play. Loafers worn with or without socks are acceptable, while derbies in lighter colours like tan or two-toned have Roaring Twenties charm. Well maintained coloured loafers are fun if paired well and from a high-quality cobbler. Give all-white shoes a miss unless you’re near the beach.

The perfect summer wedding suit is entirely personal; it doesn't have to meet business conventions, provided the occasion is treated with respect. If in doubt about the dress code, feel free to ask the wedding hosts. Your tailor is a good source of inspiration and can help you plan your look from head to toe. Explore made-to-measure perfection this approaching summer wedding season.

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