How-to: Dress for winter

15 May 2018

"Mixing comfort and warmth with personal style might take a little more thought, but it’s well worth it."

It’s tempting to look upon the upcoming winter as a time of sartorial hibernation but nothing could be further from the truth.

Mixing comfort and warmth with personal style might take a little more thought, but it’s well worth it. Trust us, it’s possible to look as good as you feel, and feel as warm as you look this winter.


It’s that time again to turn over your wardrobe – linen and lightweight cotton suits to the back, midweight wools and lightweight flannels to the forefront. Additionally, build up your winter flair by upgrading from a two-piece to three-piece suiting commission. Apart from its stylistic approach, the waistcoat is also a good advice for practical reasons – adding a welcome layer of warmth. In the comforts of your office, you can remove the suit jacket and wear that standalone shirt-and-vest combination without sacrificing comfort and professionalism.

Or, introduce a double-breasted suit to your roster. Tailored in a middle- or heavyweight wool, think worsted, it doubles up across the chest and therefore, creates an additional layer of warmth. In addition, a well-fitted double-breasted sports jacket is a good alternative to standard suitings, particularly flattering to men with larger frames.  

An ode to overcoats

Investing in an overcoat is a practical nod as winter creeps in. Commissioned in a timeless design, classic colour and meticulously fitted, a made-to-measure overcoat can last for several winters. Midnight navy and charcoal grey will complement most suits with an understated sense of elegance. At Oscar Hunt, our team of fitters will discuss the style of your overcoat – classic versus contemporary, the type and weight of fabrics, and most importantly, your ideal fit. Our approach to made-to-measure tailoring focuses predominantly on comfort and performance of a garment – shaping the overcoat to accommodate for additional layers beneath to ensure the ease of your movements, and at the same time, create a flattering silhouette for the wearer with a slight waist suppression.    


Far from the ethos of summer dressing, when accessorising opportunities are necessarily lightweight and unstructured, winter positively encourages the curation of anchoring suits and overcoats with an array of accessories that can potentially create your unique sense of style. Be creative and opt for statement neckties, patterned scarves, or gloves in lighter shades of brown.

When it comes to choosing a necktie, think about textures and volumes. The fascinating three-dimensional weave of a grenadine tie is an excellent option to consider, while wool variants add both elegance and warmth. A woollen or cashmere scarf – carefully layered under the overcoat, or worn loosely around the neck – is another opportunity to work in colours into an ensemble. A contrast pop of colour draws attention to your face, while muted green, brown, and grey colourways convey understated elegance. In colder climates, consider a pair of well-made gloves or a carefully crafted Homburg hat.       

Good advice on layering

Due to unpredictable weather conditions in winter, it is worth considering structuring outfits that can withstand variations in temperatures. As a rule of thumb, begin with lighter cotton next to the skin, for comfort and breathability, and progress towards heavier and more durable fabrics for outer layering.

Think, too, about versatility as you assemble the key essentials of your winter wardrobe – will your garments carry you from the office into an evening out, or even the weekends? Part of the Oscar Hunt experience is about building a personalised wardrobe that best suit your needs.

Winter affords great opportunities to express yourself with carefully selected ensembles based on a foundation of practical and meaningful garments sensibly assembled with complementary accessories.

For more light reading on great suiting and overcoat aspirations that can underpin winter ensembles, read our editorial features on How to Build A Sartorial Wardrobe and consider options for Five Additional Overcoats.

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