How to create your own unique style

12 February 2016

How to create your own unique sytle

Great style isn’t reserved only for fashion designers and silver-screen stars, it’s something that comes from within. Knowing who you are helps you to define your style boundaries and push them in them in ways that your style becomes noticeable. While they say money can’t buy taste or style, it can help you achieve it with a little help. And many gentlemen rely on the abilities of their tailor to help them create their own look, and with this guidance, venture out on their own.

The beginnings of style come from a well-fitted suit. A suit made for its wearer is already in its own league and leaves off-the-rack for dead. As humans we all have different body shapes and that’s where the beauty of tailoring comes into play. A tailor has the responsibility of working with the individual's body to identify its strengths and flaws and to enhance and conceal them as appropriate. An ill-fitting suit can round the body and make the wearer look heavier than they are, or make them look too slim in what appears to be a borrowed suit. A well-cut suit can work wonders and can even correct poor posture—in the sartorial sense, the rest requires a physiotherapist.

"When defining your style, it’s important to work with a good selection of colours."

Many stylish people rarely stray from black, but we find that a little unimaginative. Break from the standard black suit and look at navy, grey and other shades of elegant and subtle colours to look incredible. A navy blue suit is inspiring and can make almost anybody look remarkable. It has a lot to do with the way navy slims and smooths, but still shows the way the light falls on the body, giving a sense of the form beneath.

Some might argue that it’s hard to express oneself in a corporate environment where industry dress code dictates the wardrobe, but there’s always room for a little personality. Work with a pocket square and tie combination that adds some spunk to your look. Consider wearing braces instead of a belt. Spend as much money on a nice pair of socks as you would a meal. Just don’t be afraid to indulge.

Style has its great arbiters and those who have pushed it to its limits over the centuries. Without them, there wouldn’t be an evolution in fashion and we’d find ourselves wearing the standardised wear of despots. Embrace individuality and you'll discover the way to dress for yourself and perhaps a style others will seek to emulate.