How to look good in the office: All you need to know to raise the business suit stakes

05 December 2015

How to look good in the office: All you need to know to raise the business suit stakes

Business suits and the men in them have wagered some of the biggest business deals in modern history, and there’s a reason: They’re a contemporary suit of armour. When you look good, you feel good, and when you’re feeling good, there’s nothing you can’t do. And therefore it’s no coincidence that some of the world’s best businessmen are also some of the best-dressed. Below we will advise you no how to look good in the office, with a definitive guide from top to toe.

The humble corporate suit isn’t so humble, with the sheer level of technicality that goes into its creation. For centuries tailors have refined their craft, passing on intimate knowledge of its shape, cut and construction to future generations of craftsmen, sometimes in their own families. The ability for it to adapt to current trends has ensured longevity of such a garment, and it has endured   wars, recessions and revolutions. The level of customisation is most important, and the jacket-and-trouser combination can change with the times and allow of the widening and narrowing of lapels, pleating, cuffing and tapering of the trousers, and of course, the age-old debate: single or double-breasted?

Regardless of the time and the trends, one element of the business suit remains constant: The fit. Only a made-to-measure suit can give you supreme fit and a godlike physique, thanks to the art of tailoring. Standing next to a readymade, a made to measure leaves the competition for dead. Details in the stitching to the drape of the fabric are far superior in custom-made, and it’s made to the wearer’s specifications. With your measurements on file, you can continue to build your wardrobe to a staple selection, and use it to mix and match so you seldom wear the same look twice.

Oscar Hunt Corporate Suit

No suit is complete without all the trimmings to pull the whole look together. Your first step is a selection of well-fitting shirts. These can be ordered when meeting with your tailor, which will be custom made to suit your frame. Plain colours in white and pale blue are the safest choices, but branch out into soft yellows, reds and pinks to increase the wow factor. Subtle pinstripes add a dimension and can break up a heavier-set frame, wide stripes or stripes of varying widths make for a more interesting look. Also consider gingham checks or plaid for days less formal meetings and work them back with a plain tie and a simple pocket square.
Finally, shoes are the final characteristic of the whole look that can be the most telling. A pair of shoes can make or break the impression you’re giving, so take the time to find a pair of shoes that is simple, smart and hardwearing. Maintenance is important, so ensure you keep those puppies polished to within an inch of their lives, and you’ll be the darn best gentleman in your office. Make and appointment with Oscar Hunt and we can work with you to raise the stakes in the office.