How to take a suit from day to night

02 November 2017

"Looking good is serious business, but inevitably after a day at the office, we can all look a little worse for wear."

Looking good is serious business, but inevitably after a day at the office, we can all look a little worse for wear. Tailored suits are a good place to start, but sometimes the unpredictable can get in the way of looking flawless. Fortunately, dress suits for men can take you seamlessly from one event to the next. A quick costume change and some freshening up can help you look your best come evening.

A spare change of clothes is something we gentlemen should embrace. If you’re time poor and need to adapt to an evening affair, take to work a garment carrier with your essentials then make the switch at the end of the day. If that’s overkill, or if you have nowhere to store a full outfit, a freshly ironed shirt is another way to feel good. Opt for a different colour or pattern and your suit will get a new lease of life without anyone noticing you’ve been in the same suit all day.

If you’re attending after-work drinks or something informal, embrace the oldest (and easiest) trick in the book: a dress shirt, no tie. It’s a classic move and it disarms others who might be put off by a group of “suits” dominating the bar. If you change into a pair of smart jeans and wear your suit’s jacket, you can look casual and stylish in an instant.

Dressing up for an extracurricular event is just as easy if you're prepared. Change accessories and you will magically transform into a creature of the night. Substitute your necktie for a bowtie to up the style stakes. Cufflinks that are too ostentatious for daywear will be perfect for twilight. Or replace your business shoes with a patent-leather evening shoe, then change into a velvet dinner jacket for ultimate crepuscular style.

A final touch should involve grooming. If your office doesn’t have shower facilities, you should do the next best thing: freshen up the old-fashioned way. Splashing your face with cold water will make you feel more alive, brushing your teeth and hair, as well as changing your deodorant will make you feel more civilised. Keep a fragrance with you and spray a discreet amount. You’ll feel better.

These are some of the small things you can do to improve your look in the evening without having to trek home. Ask your tailor for their tips and best suits to wear to change from day into night.

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