How to wear denim (that aren’t jeans)

02 October 2018

"Using denim as the foundation for an outfit isn’t too difficult."

A favourite pair of denim jeans is like an old friend – they’re comfortable, hard-wearing, and dependable. Yet denim is also versatile enough for shirts, jackets and even smart-casual trousers. In fact, such an item made-to-measure tailored might even supplant jeans as your new go-to for casual Fridays or the weekends.

Using denim as the foundation for an outfit isn’t too difficult. It takes skill and flair to pull off the double-denim look, but keeping it simple may also be very rewarding.

Denim shirt
A denim shirt can just as easily be dressed up to pair with sports jackets as it is dressed down to accompany shorts or cotton chino trousers. Start by choosing a quality denim – at Oscar Hunt, our shirting fabric is supplied from the renowned British mills of the 220-year-old Thomas Mason textile company. A button-down collar might be more appropriate for attire in creative offices, while a shorter shirt length works better while wearing the shirt untucked. Most importantly, though, is the garment’s fit – something made-to-measure tailoring can easily solve.

Denim trousers
Denim jeans, for all their obvious benefits, aren’t always the most appropriate option; and the same can be said for suit trousers too. For Casual Fridays, or in more creative occupations, the key to dressing tastefully is to strike a balance between informal style and a smarter appearance. Here, denim trousers come into their own. The lightweight denim we source from the world-famous Italian mill, Loro Piana, easily holds a sharp crease or a neat cuff turn-up. Using our made-to-measure tailoring services, you have the creative freedom to build your denim trousers to individual specification and desired lifestyle – add belt loops to style them with a belt, or have side adjusters built in. Combining a trouser style with denim in medium or dark blue, tailored to your requirements, strikes the perfect smart-casual balance.

Denim overshirt
With summer around the corner, we’ve been experimenting with a new lightweight and breathable denim overshirt prototype for the season ahead which serves as a good alternative to sports jackets in the warmer temperature.

Available in a lighter or darker shade of your choice, our rendition of the denim overshirt is designed specifically to be effortlessly thrown on to complete a casual ensemble that is purely functional at the same time – featuring, amongst others, three oversized pockets for practical reasons.

Essentially, the garment promises a wear that is altogether easy and enjoyable – tying together a myriad of casual outfits for a windy weekend at the markets and lazy day barbecues or dinner parties with friends and families.

Any casual ensemble can be anchored with denim as its inspiration as evidently seen in our how-to guide to wearing denim that aren’t necessarily jeans.

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