How to wear navy

11 September 2017

"A gent in deep blue commands the right kind of attention, and navy blue suits every complexion."

Navy: the colour of admiralty and wisdom; equal parts modernity and tradition, it’s one of the most versatile suits a gentleman can own. A slim navy blue suit is a classic understatement, conveying authority without blaring it like a demagogue. Navy is distinguished and has well-rounded appeal. An easy colour to wear; it makes for a simple base on which you can build a more complete tailored look; just focus on good-quality cloths and the rest will fall into place.

A navy suit for a job interview or a preliminary meeting is an informed choice. Blue—in particular, navy—conveys professionalism and most importantly, trust. Start with traditional staples: plain cloths or subtle weaves. You should aspire to have an elegant sheen to your navy suit, even without a tie. When it drapes across your body it should have movement throughout the fabric; block colours become dynamic with light and depth.

Know that no two navies are the same. Explore texture by adding a subtle weave to your suit for a little sophistication: a birdseye or herringbone jacquard turns a high-quality fabric into something spectacular. It’s a discreet luxury visible only upon close inspection, understood by your intimate circle and the informed few.

Add to your retinue with a traditional pattern: an overcheck or subtle pinstripe is perfect for all occasions. No matter your profession, both are a nod to classic tailoring and will keep you looking the part. Follow tradition with a more playful pattern: check, bold pinstripes, or a sheen finish. Each of these allows you to play with your navy blue suit and shirt-and-tie combinations; the perfect canvas for some sartorial adventure.

A gent in deep blue commands the right kind of attention, and navy blue suits every complexion. When off the clock, navy sports jackets become a more sophisticated choice. Dress them up with trousers or chinos, or keep it smart and casual with a pair of smart denim jeans and pair of loafers. Personalise your jacket with different buttons and other details to exemplify tailor made. Brass, horn or mother of pearl, each has a different style and connotation.

A navy suit is everything you need for sartorial perfection, a navy wardrobe is a way to achieve greatness. Create sometime lasting to reflect your personality both at work and at play. Ask your tailor to guide you towards your ultimate navy statement. There's more to navy blue than you might suspect.

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