How to wear suits on your days off

01 October 2016

How to wear suits on your days off

If you’re a man who likes to be best dressed even when at leisure, you’re not alone. We understand the need of a gent who has been raised a certain way and wants to maintain that standard. It doesn’t make you particular, it makes you a perfectionist. Allow yourself the opportunity to relax knowing you’re as well-dressed at home as the office. Oscar Hunt does casual well.

Life at home with the family or the coffee machine, even on days off you have style. We can help you find a sports jacket or three to wear when you go to buy bread. People want to know who you are through your dress style, even when you’re off the clock. You like your casual trousers to fit well and not be the duplicate of your friends’. There’s wool, cotton, and linen for all seasons, and not a cargo pocket in sight.

Made-to-measure makes a suit work for you when you’re not working. Suits for business, suits for pleasure. They’re two different occasions and you can still have fun when rocking tailoring head to toe. Think of the things you’d like to do with your ultimate suit, but can’t do because of the corporate dress code. Now you can when you’re on your own time.

A cashmere jumper worn thick and a pair of custom trousers and loafers that fit you like slippers. Button-front shirts made in colours and fabrics you could never wear at work. It’s your luxury and you get to choose it. Wool ties when it's cold will change how you feel. Like you’re wrapped in an extra layer and even your fingers are warm. A tweed jacket worn without a waistcoat, and the waistcoat alone with jeans.

Oversized shirts your girlfriend wears in the morning, boxer shorts you lounge in at night. These are the hallmarks of men who know what they want. Trousers worn with an unbuttoned shirt with multicoloured socks you’ve never been brave enough to try. Leather belts add choice to your weekend accessories and knots keep it together if you wear French cuffs.

Your tailor is the best person to ask about how to keep it custom when casual.  Request an appointment and you needn’t shop around. Get what you need from our showroom and change the way you shop forever.