How to wear tailoring when you’re off the clock

08 June 2017

"There are a few tips you should consider when wearing your tailored look off the clock."

Once you’ve invested in made-to-measure, you’ll find yourself obsessed with your new suit. You’ll easily be the best-dressed guy at work, and you’ll feel the urge to wear your suit everywhere else, too. Suddenly, you’ll want to bring formality to every occasion from happy hour to date night. While you can absolutely work serious versatility out of your new suit, there’s a time and place to suit up. When you leave the office, your attire should reflect your surroundings. There are a few tips you should consider when wearing your tailored look off the clock.

Use the separates

Though your suit was designed as a set, that doesn’t mean you’re always limited to wearing your jacket and trousers together. Before you head to dinner, ditch the jacket and pull on a sweater over your dress shirt. The fit and style of your trousers keep the look rooted in elegance. But your sweater brings in a smart casual vibe that’s more suitable for a relaxed environment.

Get rid of your accessories

Cufflinks, pocket squares, ties, collar pins and the like always add a sense of formality to suiting looks. If your goal is to pare down and lower the intimidation factor, ditch some of the accoutrements. Remove your tie and perhaps just stick with the pocket square. Unfasten your top one or two shirt buttons. You’ll still be in a suit, but you’ll be amazed at what a few detail changes can do for your entire look.

Sneak in a new shoe

Classic oxford shoes can work in every scenario, but even they can be too dressy for certain situations.

Try wearing a pair of loafers or, if you’re particularly daring, a pair of Chuck Taylors or Stan Smiths. You’ll transition from hedge-fund manager to tech startup CEO, just be sure they’re completely clean. Dirty white sneakers can ruin a look.

Try printed shirts

When you’re off the clock, a white dress shirt can seem excessively plain. Keep your look alive with a patterned dress shirt instead. Try paisley, chain link, or even classic patterns like gingham and plaid.

Your tailored suit can work into every aspect of your life, but you’ll need to have a keen eye to transition it from the office into a casual setting.

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