In partnership with Hunter Lab

21 September 2018

"The brand has crafted their skincare tools to remedy your unique skincare needs."

Hunter Lab is focused on encouraging healthier, astute living through the development of a methodical, effortless daily skincare routine utilising highly effective and addictive supernatural skincare tools.

These skincare tools were fashioned out of a frustration with the current uninspired, chemical-intensive, super synthetic products which pervade today’s skincare market.

The brand has found a way to bottle combined years of experience in cosmetic product development, packaging design and marketing into building a brand focused on outstanding craftsmanship which inspires and effects action and change in an underutilised everyday necessity in man and woman's health – skin care.

Hunter Lab aims to reinvigorate the marketplace by uniting the traditional grooming experience with the high quality, natural, scientifically formulated and environmentally sustainable expectation of today’s market, and provide skincare solutions which set the benchmark for both men and women interested in healthy living.

The brand has crafted their skincare tools to remedy your unique skincare needs, to complement your hectic lifestyle, and to add modern inspired design, provocative textures and hard working simplicity into daily life.

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