Introducing Dugdale Bros

24 April 2017

"High quality-fabrics that crease less and wear well."

We understand the pressure of selecting a cloth when ordering a made-to-measure suit. There’s a permanence about what you’re creating. A tailored suit is designed to last, and with it a certain responsibility is entrusted to you. Be assured Dugdale Bros cloth is the right choice, and by considering it for your next suit you’re forming part of its history.

Dugdale Bros & Co are cloth merchants founded in 1896 in Yorkshire; their longevity represents their rare expertise. Huddersfield is known for its superior menswear fabrics, and is the origin of fabric weaving and is its British centre since the Industrial Revolution. With a suit made from Dugdale Bros cloth you own your part of English heritage.

Dugdale Bros offers an impressive collection of high-quality cloth to the finest tailors around the world, including Oscar Hunt. Dugdale Bros cloth provides access to centuries of experience and technological advancement. This constant innovation means high quality-fabrics crease less and wear well, providing you with comfort thought the day.  They use a set of skills specific to Yorkshire for the manufacturing of their fabrics and they remain independently owned. Remaining true to their origins Douglas Bros have kept their knowledge in their town, which represents pride in their labour and a craft anchored in family tradition.  

We're excited to show you through our Dugdale Bros fabric collections the next time you visit Oscar Hunt.

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