Let’s talk sports coats

04 April 2016

Let's talk sports coats

They were big in the early 20th Century and again in the mid and the late; sports coats have a cyclical fashion and once again comes its resurgence this century. Originally worn by British aristocracy while on hunting and shooting expeditions, the sports coat crossed over into daily wear as the blazer of choice for the landed gentry. Nowadays many menswear brands such as Ralph Lauren incorporate it and variations thereof into their seasonal collections making it a must-have wardrobe staple.

Once considered a garment for the older gentleman, a sports coat can have a youthful feel just by how you wear it. Wearing head-to-toe tweed conjures up a certain image—think Prince Phillip while at Balmoral—but a sports coat worn with a tailored shirt, a pair of blue jeans and brown derbies or loafers has a sophisticated city edge. 

Sports coats can be tailored from lighter summer tweeds or heavier winter fabrics, both giving a smart and refined look no matter the season. Traditionally in hues of brown and tan, it can also come in greys or more daring colours. Tweeds and checks are popular choices, but plain colours worn with contrast-colour trousers also make the cut.

"Think of a sports coat as the opportunity to add a mix of colour into your wardrobe. It's a great option for smart-casual dress codes and added versatility to what you might own already."

Accessories will allow you to show your personality, so don't be afraid to wear a pocket square, leather gloves or a decorative lapel pin.

So next time you're invited somewhere with the smart-casual dress code and you wish to impress, make an appointment with your Oscar Hunt tailor and evoke the English countryside with a made-to-measure sports coat.