Making your wardrobe winter-ready Is as easy as a summer breeze

28 April 2016

Making your wardrobe winter-ready is as easy as a summer breeze

Game of Thrones fan or no, winter is coming … but you needn't fear it because winter dressing is a cinch. The easiest way to prepare for the chilly season is to break it down into its basic components, or think about which parts of your body are likely to freeze and how to cover them! You’ll find that your essentials are staples that you might have already, or others you might need to invest in, but you should be able to derive a joy in dressing for winter. 

Winter means layering various pieces to keep out the cold, and by virtue this gives you a lot more choice to get the job done. While summer might be easier—shirt, tailored trousers or shorts, loafers—you can soon run out of options. Winter, however, allows you to plan full-scale outfits that are epic in proportion. With this attitude, more is more and the toastier you’ll be—all with the right tools and very little effort.

Start with a beautifully tailored three-piece suit. Why a three piece? Why not! Three-piece suits provide you the extra warmth and security of a waistcoat and give your suit a more finished look. With your blazer unbuttoned the waistcoat is visible, adding an extra layer of intrigue. If you choose to remove your blazer at your desk, the waistcoat will still insulate against the often erratic office air conditioning. 

Next, one or several tailored overcoats should comprise your winter wardrobe. Pick a few styles that differ—say one double-breasted, one single-breasted and one patterned—keep the colour tonally suited to the rest of your wardrobe and then bring it all together by pairing them differently each day. Not only does an overcoat protect you from the elements, but it adds another dimension to your winter wardrobe. 

Then, when you’ve got the main part covered, think about your extremities with a good pair of leather gloves. Choose gloves that are well-made and allow for movement to carry out your daily functions. Where possible buy gloves that are lined with wool, silk or cashmere as they are insulating and soft to the touch, and prevent the leather dye from staining your hands. Top it off with a handmade umbrella that matches your style and you have the perfect accessory: unfurled it’s practical against the rain, and closed it makes for a makeshift cane. It’s the perfect way to look debonair in the dark.